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K1 Keeper
K1 Keeper
K1 Keeper
K1 Keeper

K1 Keeper

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The K1 Keeper by Neat Freak is a lanyard slack management system.

  • Manages lanyard line and doesn't inhibit preferred length.
  • Organizes line in one easy pull.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent organizing excess line.
  • Secures safely and easily to most saddles.
  • Suitable for dynamic and semi-static line.
  • Manufactured using industrial grade Nylon 6.

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Warning: This product is NOT to be used as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Any misuse of this equipment could lead to serious injury or death. The user accepts full responsibility for any accident or fatality due to incorrect use. Whoever doesn’t accept this responsibility must not use this device: the user is fully responsible for the risks he/she decides to undertake.